Why I love a small phone


I have always had the smallest phone possible. Starting from Nokias to Sony Ericcson to Windows Phones and then to iPhone 5, iPhone 8, and iPhone 12 mini. Each of these has been the smallest-sized phone I could possibly buy without sacrificing functionality or usability.

When iPhone phones become as large as the mini iPad, most people rejoiced, but I didn’t. With increasing size, display and heft came great battery life and a single device to consume all content and media, making owning additional devices moot.

Larger phones have better displays and allow you to consume more content (multi-media, Social media, etc) than a smaller phone. A smaller phone is not comfortable to use for extended periods of time as you squint to see all the details and scroll a lot more to read through comments or get through your feed. Aren’t smaller phones bad then? Not really. If you really want to use your time wisely and watch what you feed your mind, making your environment harder to consume mindless content is actually a good thing. The best way to build good habits is to make bad habits harder.

Larger phones are increasingly not pocketable and become harder to carry around, especially if you are a guy who doesn’t have a hand purse or a bag to stuff it in. I am not a big fan of carrying a brick around in my pant pocket.

I love small phones for the ability to use them in one hand. You can reach most of the screen using one hand (especially amazing on the iPhone Mini). This totally transforms the usability of these phones and quick lookup and access.

Finally, small phones appeal to my innate desire for minimalism. Minimalism is the avoidance of excess and a large phone just screams excess. Large phones are more expensive, use up a bigger footprint, take more resources to produce, and look super flashy. They are simply just not me.

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