Things are always falling apart


One of the things you learn about in high school is entropy. Entropy is basically the disorder in any system and that always increases with time. This concept of physics surprisingly applies to business and life in general as well.

You need an enormous amount of energy to keep a system in order. That means if energy is not applied things are generally falling apart. For example think about keeping a garden. If left untended for a while it falls into disorder. Plants die, or other plants grow over others, weeds sprout, animals graze anything edible and so on.

This is true for any complex system, take software, large team dynamics or relationships for example. Without spending energy to ‘tend’ them, they are falling apart.

If you are experiencing a moment where things are perfect, it is guaranteed that at some point In the future that it will no longer be the case. This leads to the take away that if you want to actively keep things as they were or if you want to improve them, be prepared to spend a lot of time and energy to counter the laws of the universe.

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