Managing starts with Trust


As I started managing people, this is one of those things that I wish I found out early. As you hire someone and work with them, you need to trust them completely that they are going to work out and that they are going to do their job and that they are going to do it well.

Doing anything else sets things up for failure.

I have seen cases where managers start off either with zero trust or somewhere in the middle (not fully trusting or fully distrusting). Both cases fail miserably.

You can’t fake trust. It is either there or not and its absence is keeny felt. However hard a manager might try, a careless word or act will always betray the fact that trust is not there.

Once that is known, the team member decides immediately to only do what is told and to lose all initiative. This then leads to a vicious cycle, a team member having less initiative performs worser and in turn causes a larger decrease in trust. And so it goes.

Avoid this by intentionally starting with trust. Assume that this person who you were excited to hire is going to turn out awesome. Express that excitement in no uncertain terms and trust them with your expectations. It is going to turn out to be alright.

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