Don’t make resolutions for the New Year, have goals instead


It is common to see people making New Year’s resolutions like ‘Be more healthy’, ‘Excercise more’, ‘Read more’ etc. Typically these do next to nothing to help you be more motivated.

Instead have more specific goals in mind when you end the year. For example, say to yourself that you want to have read 10 meaningful books or even better list the specific books you will read. Instead of saying exercise more, say you will walk at least 30 minutes for 200 days in the year.

While these are specific goals, there is incredible power in having goals to assist you in your journey. If you can articulate these goals and say by the end of the year I would have done the following to work towards my life’s goals that would make a big difference.

These goals are harder to write down, mainly because many people find it hard to figure out what they want. If you can figure out what you want, what you believe, and how you will act, those forces will propel you today and tomorrow.

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