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If you are into photography, you have to visit Iceland. Here’s a quick photographer’s guide to Iceland. Iceland is like Disneyland for Photographers with gorgeous and breathtaking scenery at every single turn. There is so much to see and photograph: Glaciers, Snow capped Mountains, Beaches, Cliffs, Lava Fields, Fjords, Tunnels, Waterfalls, Bleak Landscapes, Lush Landscapes, […]

North India

In September 2013, during our 1 year stay in India, we visited North India, doing a quick tour of the capital of India: Delhi, then to the see the Taj Mahal at Agra followed by a trip to the romantic desert cities of Jaisalmer and Jodhpur. Even in september, Delhi was blistering hot and our […]


Austin Capitol

I moved to Austin in 2014. Austin is really pretty in many ways and has a small town feel (which is changing unfortunately since then). Although, I do live outside Austin downtown there are plenty of nice sights to see and photograph. A visit to Austin downtown in May 2016 produced some of these below. […]